Gift Wrap Premium Violet



Color: Violet purple

Description: All marble+vine gift-wrap rolls are printed on thick premium handmade paper (110 gsm). Using advanced silk screen techniques and high quality materials, we've produced an extremely luxurious piece of handcrafted art.  The purple fabric paper is embossed to give paper a texture-like feel and sealed with metallic foil for extra shine.

Inspiration: Deep purple hues are in fashion this year and great for any occasion to make a statement!  Spruce up this high quality fabric paper with a bright neon bow, violet or lavender for tone on tone, twine or keep it classy with double satin silver or gold bow. 

Dimensions: 2 XL sheets 24” x 40” each. Each sheet wraps 2-3 large gifts.

Ribbon Suggestions: Violet, Lavender, Silver or Gold

Recommended: We recommend using with iCraft Super Tape. Available on our website in the gift wrap section!

    The wrap typically ships within 1-2 business days.

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