Why Marble+Vine? We would love to work with your store!  We sell to many stationery, boutiques, wine stores, gift shops, online curators and a few larger stores. Our focus from the start has been to provide high quality paper products made from 100% recycled cotton. We're celebrating special occasions with the best luxury treeless gift wrap and gift bags!

What do we sell? By working with the fashion industry to leverage the latest trends, we are able to bring a unique treeless collection of bulk gift wrap (sheets or roll), stationery, ribbon, gift bags and wine bags.   While we believe our designs are the best, we will also collaborate with you on custom designs of your choice! :)

Want to become a wholesale customer? To become a wholesale customer, you must provide your retail certificate and apply below with your business name, email address and description of your business and inquiry. If you have a specific questions, please contact hello@marblevine.com.

Business Address: 131 Dudley St. Suite 214 Jersey City, NJ 07302

Business Phone: (201) 839-6750

Email: hello@marblevine.com