Our Mission

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Celebrating special occasions with the best luxury treeless gift wrap and gift bags

   Our Name

The name Marble+Vine symbolizes the intersection of classic and timeless elegance with natural elements & beauty.  Marble+Vine paper is made from 100% recycled cotton fabric.

Our Mission

Inspired by a love of elegant and clean designs, the twin sisters created Marble+Vine with a vision for making luxury handmade gift wrap with out compromising quality; for all special occasions including wedding planning, event planning, holidays, baby showers, and birthdays.

Over 30 years in learning and reshaping the paper industry, Marble+Vine is dedicated in bringing luxury handmade paper to boutiques, gift shops, stationery stores and online customers looking for clean, simple,  and modern designs.  Marble+Vine also makes custom paper designs for weddings and special events.  Reach out to hello@marblevine.com to begin your custom order.

Under the leadership of the identical twins, they are committed in charting a future shaped by modern, luxury and elegant design. Marble+Vine sells luxury handmade products exclusively online across North America and offers an ever-expanding array of products including products for entertaining, gift wrap, gift bags, and gift tag accessories.

Marble+Vine was created as an effort to not only decrease the tree consumption but also create luxury brand that is mindful of our planet and nature. We make treeless paper products from 100% recycled cotton.  All products are beautifully handcrafted by artisans across the world.

Each time you purchase a treeless gift product, we make a donation to support economically disadvantaged woman across the globe by giving them sustainable employment opportunities.

Our Principles 

1. Eco-Friendly: Our handmade gift wrap is made with conscious materials and eco-friendly manufacturing practices with the earth in mind.

2. Fair Trade: Fair trading goods offering fair wages and safer working environments for all the workers and artisans making the premium cotton fabric paper.

3. Recycled: Previously used materials were used in the creation and manufacturing of Marble+Vine's gift wrap, gift bag and wine bags.

4. Zero Waste: These products generate little to no textile waste when produced.  The goal is reuse cotton fabric waste from textile industries across the globe for zero waste paper making.

Our luxury, thick paper products follow 4 simple principles: