Our Twin Founders, Jenna & Krystal

Celebrating special occasions with the best luxury treeless gift wrap and gift bags!
After working nearly a decade for large corporations, traveling around the world to embrace multiple cultures,  and teaching youth in classrooms - Krystal & Jenna yearned to create a brand that was purely authentic. We wanted to create the highest quality luxury gift wrap and bags that are entirely eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and tree-free. We are constantly looking for designs and inspiration, so please reach out to hello@marblevine.com for any questions, custom paper orders or to find out more about our luxury cotton fabric gift wrap and bags.
Ever since we were young girls, our mission was to make a profound impact on the lives of others. Gift giving has always been a huge part of our upbringing and family culture.  We wanted to could use our strongest attributes, hard work and creativity, and weave into the fabric of our everyday life.  We loved the idea not only making a difference in the classroom, but giving back to hard working women across the globe.