Wine Bag Natural Marble



Color: Bright White Paper with Painted Silver Marble

Description: All marble+vine gift bags are printed on thickest premium handmade paper (200 gsm). Using advanced silk screen techniques and high quality materials, we've produced an extremely luxurious piece of handcrafted art.  The natural marble paper is painted individually by artisans meaning every sheet of paper is uniquely different.

Inspiration: On our trip to India, we were amazed by the Taj Mahal and the beautifully handcrafted white-ivory translucent marble stone. The Taj Mahal is among the finest in Mughal architecture and has set the highest quality architecture and design standards even today.  Marble is classic and will never get old.  

Dimensions: 14.5” height x 4.25” width x 4.25” bottom

Gift Bags typically ship within 1-2 business days and come with a complimentary gift tag.

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