treeless + DIY

treeless + DIY

March 03, 2017

We’re pretty passionate about all things pretty. After all, we do make gift wrap for a living!

(it’s just not the perfect gift till it’s perfectly wrapped)

But it really just stems from being thoughtful. Thoughtful to the last detail, and that’s where our passion for treeless gift wrap comes from - to make a product that’s perfectly pretty and perfectly eco-friendly.

But when it isn’t possible to invest in some treeless paper, the internet is full of gorgeous eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.

Here are a few we love:


1. Put a bow on it.


source: the art of simple

Re-purpose your brown paper bags for gift giving. And to spruce it keep just some printed double ribbon handy, and let your presents stand out in its simplicity.


2. Outdated is hipster.


You’re never going to use your old CDs and DVDs anyway, so use them to create a slick and edgy gift wrap for someone edgy and special. 

3. It’s a good day.

the chic site

source: the chic site

Every day is a good day for presents! But some days (like people) are more special than the others, and so are the presents that are given on those days.

Repurpose a sheet from your calendar (it doesn’t even have to be from the same month), and mark how special the day really is.


4. Children's art.

the art of simple

source: the art of simple

Playful, personalized and fun, children’s art (when it’s not on the fridge) works best as giftwrap.


5. Don’t sweat it!

boxwood clippings

source: boxwood clippings

And if you don’t have any ribbon, or children’s art around, and still want to make it special? Grab an old sweater, a pair of scissors and go wild. You can even spritz some perfume on so it smells good.


So try a treeless gift wrap idea for the next time you gift.

Or shop treeless gift warp at

131 Dudley St. Suite 214 Jersey City NJ 07302

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