Respect Mother Nature on Father’s Day: Eco-friendly gifting ideas

Respect Mother Nature on Father’s Day: Eco-friendly gifting ideas

June 14, 2017

Fathers usually pretend that they don't care about Father's Day, grunting in response to questions about what gifts they would like, but as we've known all along, they're actually big ol' softies and secretly look forward to being pampered on their special day.

So, this Father's Day, let's gift Dad something special. Here's a list of eco-friendly gifts that he will absolutely love.

Shave the world

Using disposable razors generate a shocking amount of plastic waste that isn't bio-degradable and harms the planet. Instead, gift your father a shaving kit with a safety razor and blades made of stainless steel. The blades can be reused for numerous shaves, eliminating the need for disposable razors.

Try the Viking Blade razor. As a bonus, it works on women too.

Keep a watch

If you're buying a watch for your father this year, get a wooden watch instead of the electronic watches which contain harmful parts made of plastic and toxic materials.

WeWOOD is made from reclaimed and recycled wood. No trees are cut down. Instead WeWOOD plants a tree for every watch you buy.

It is also non-toxic and free of chemicals and the perfect Father's Day gift.

Warm up

Pick organic cotton when you’re buying clothes for your dad. People Tree uses 100 % Fairtrade certified organic cotton for its line of clothing.

Try the Caleb Cardigan which uses eco-friendly dyes and is made by artisans in India.

Power up the future

While it's very difficult to lead a normal life without a cell phone, we can reduce our dependence on coal based power for charging. Gift your father a charging device that uses green energy like solar power or human power.

The K-Tor Pocket Socket is a hand crank generator that charges your phone while you rotate the shaft. If your father loves hiking and camping, this will come in handy.

Sleep on it

If there's one thing most fathers like to do, it is sleeping in during the weekend. Thank your father for all the sleepless nights he had raising you as a child and gift him a hammock.

Try the La Siesta range of organic hammocks.

Experience new cultures

After sleeping in during the weekend, the second most favorite activity of most fathers is traveling. Send your father off to see the world with a travel bag that will remain his constant companion.

The Patagonia Headway Wheeled Duffel Bag is made using environment-friendly techniques.

Wrap it, treeless

So you've bought the gift. Now it's time to wrap it up. Instead of using regular gift wrap, go for treeless paper.

Try Marble + Vine. It’s made from 100% recycled cotton.

Happy Father’s Day!

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