Here’s why eco-friendly wrapping paper matters

Here’s why eco-friendly wrapping paper matters

March 14, 2020

Sustainable, luxurious, and ethical too!

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Is this your first time considering eco-friendly paper?

Even if the environmental factors aren’t enough to persuade you, you may be surprised by the endless advantages that eco-friendly paper has to offer. Read on for gifts that look beautiful and feel good too! Let’s explore the truth about eco-friendly wrapping paper.


We love the earth!

Here’s the most transparent reason why eco-friendly wrapping paper matters. Most wrapping paper isn’t recycled – and can’t be! The paper you buy is often lined in plastic and other synthetic materials, covered in non-recyclable ink. 

As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent in our everyday lives, we’re passionate about making changes that honour the planet we love. We aren’t alone in this sentiment; you’ve likely seen the headlines touting bans on single-use plastics (like wrapping paper) or throw-away plastic coffee cups. It’s time to make changes in our personal life. They can go a long way!

Some food for thought:
  • We’re committed to a product that creates little to no textile waste when produced. Zero waste is our focus!
  • Most wrapping papers contain plastic and are made from wood pulp.
  • Wrapping paper is usually incredibly thin, with very few good quality fibres that can be recycled.
  • It takes approximately six mature trees to make a tonne of paper – that means a holiday like Christmas can kill 50,000+ trees from wrapping paper alone. Millions of pounds of wrapping paper end up in landfills every year.


eco friendly wine bags

Quality, elegance, and clean designs.

In other words; our sustainable wrapping paper looks and feels so much better!
Your gift is thoughtful and from the heart – shouldn’t your wrapping paper be as well? By slowing down the process and bringing careful attention back into the beauty of creating gift wrap, we’ve created a product that’s undeniably better. Our products are made of 100% recycled cotton so they can withstand time, wear and tear. All products are beautifully handcrafted by artisans across the world. There’s an unspoken energy that comes from giving a thoughtful gift; we want you to get that same feeling from the paper you’re purchasing and giving to someone you love. Whether you believe in karma or not, it just feels good!


Invest in something that lasts!

You wouldn’t buy a shirt that you can only wear once. Most wrapping paper is used one time and thrown away. Even if you’re like my grandma who carefully folded every sheet of tissue paper after a birthday party, it’s likely that your thin sheets of wrapping paper have a limited use. In the United States alone, we spent a total of $12.7 billion on gift wrap, wrapping paper, and gift bags in 2017. /h3>

This is why we wanted to make paper that stands up to wear and can be used over and over again. By investing in something that lasts, you’ll be able to use the same wrapping paper for family gifts, and keep the tradition alive too!

elephant eco friendly wrapping paper

Does this idea feel new to you?

Changing the way we approach wrapping paper is a small shift, but it can be hard to give up traditions. Luckily, with our wrapping paper you won’t need to! We also suspect you already use another form of sustainable wrapping paper – the Christmas stocking! Think of this as a year-round reincarnation of that holiday favorite. A fresh perspective can bring a welcome change. 

Enjoy shopping!

Aside from all of these important points, buying eco-friendly paper is fun! From our ridiculously cute French Bulldog wrap (inspired by our pug Britta) to classics like our dreamy Wedding Gift Bags, it’s exciting to have something beautiful show up at your door. 


Read more about why we started Marble+Vine here or shop our store to buy something special that you can feel great about!

And that’s a wrap!

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